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How HelloPrint Saves 60% in CX Costs with Engaige

Tijmen van den Elzen
January 15, 2024

About HelloPrint

Helloprint is a global online printing company that operates in numerous countries. Unlike simple click-and-buy products, their offering, which consists of more than 10.000 products and 100M+ SKUs, is complex and often requires guidance both before and after purchase. For HelloPrint, customer service isn't just about resolving issues; it's a crucial part of their overall sales strategy. They understand that providing exceptional service is integral to their success.

With a commitment to superior service, HelloPrint faced mounting customer service costs as they expanded globally. The complexity of their product offerings necessitated into intensive agent training and significant customer interaction, driving up expenses. Knowing that customer service was crucial for their success they were looking into ways to keep the same service level but radically decrease their costs.

“At HelloPrint, we firmly believe that our customers are the driving force behind our success. We understand that exceptional customer service goes beyond resolving issues; it creates trust and loyalty. Our brand is built upon this core principle, as we recognize that this customer-centric approach is what truly differentiates HelloPrint in the marketplace. By prioritizing outstanding customer service, we aim to generate long-term value and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.”

Hans Scheffer

Founder and CEO, HelloPrint

Providing exceptional service at scale

Delivering CX to groups with unique needs

HelloPrint serves a wide variety of customers, from consumers to local stores and even Enterprise companies. These customer segments have distinct needs and inquiries.

Some customers possess an in-depth understanding of print and are seeking specific products or services. On the other hand, there are individuals who are new to the world of printing and require assistance with the entire ordering process. At HelloPrint, they want to address the unique requirements of each customer, providing tailored solutions and guidance to ensure a seamless customer journey for all.

Scaling personal sales agents

Implementing Engaige's Commerce solution proved to be a game changer for HelloPrint. Every customer interaction comes through the Engaige bot first, if there is anything that requires an agent the customer is handed over to a human.

This allowed HelloPrint to proactively interact with customers at scale which previously was deemed to be too costly. The solution guided customers throughout their journey, helping them navigate the complex product offerings, assist with design specifications and guide them through the ordering process. This not only enhanced customer satisfaction, but also significantly minimized the demands placed on HelloPrint's customer service team.

Around the clock customer support

Aside from being able to provide customer service at scale during office hours, Engaige’s Commerce and Solve & Support solutions allowed HelloPrint to service customers outside of office hours and during weekends. Customers could still receive product advise, update their delivery address and cancel orders. By delivering around the clock support, HelloPrint increased their engagement with customers by Y%.

Reducing Time to First Response

In the fast-paced world of print-on-demand, time is a critical factor that can make or break customer satisfaction. Therefore, Time to First Response has always been an important metric for HelloPrint's CX team. By generating answers based on HelloPrint's relevant sources like their knowledge base and order data customers instantly receive answers to their questions. This drastically reduced the Time to First Response by 90%.

Instantly scale internationally

HelloPrint serves customers from various countries. This requires a robust and efficient multi-lingual customer support centre that can cater to the diverse needs of each country. Maarten Lelijveld, COO at HelloPrint explains “managing an international customer support centre is challenging, as it involves not only recruiting and training agents proficient in different languages but also adapting the service to align with the specific business logic of each country.”

With Engaige's multi-language support, HelloPrint effortlessly expanded its CX automation to all the countries where they operate. This expansion was achieved without the need for rewriting all the responses and workflows. Their country-specific business logic was automatically updated through their knowledge base, streamlining operations and ensuring accuracy.

Increasing self service by automated actions and routing customers

In the world of online printing, it's not uncommon for customers to need to make changes to their orders post-purchase. This might be because they have noticed a mistake in their design file and want to submit a new one, or they need to change the delivery address as they often order for multiple clients. With the high volume of customers HelloPrint serves, this represented a significant strain on customer service resources as every change request needed to be handled individually.

Hence, self-service becomes a critical aspect of the customer experience. By empowering customers with the ability to make these adjustments themselves, not only does this reduce the burden on customer service, but it also puts control in the hands of the customer, enhancing their overall experience.

By using Engaige to route customers to the right place to cancel an order or letting customers update their delivery address over chat HelloPrint has seen a significant increase in self-service up to 61%, highlighting its effectiveness in addressing customers' needs.


Within 4 weeks, HelloPrint saw significant results by implementing Engaige. They managed to save 60% in CX costs, improved Time to First Response by 90%, increased self-service rate to 61%, and increased engagement with their customers by X%. This shows that implementing AI-enabled solutions can massively improve your Customer Experience while reducing your costs.

“In 2022, we recognized the potential of AI, but we were uncertain about how we should implement it. Engaige proved to be invaluable in this regard. Their hands-on support during the implementation phase resulted in remarkable Time to Value, with significant improvements on our most important KPI's, achieved within just a few weeks.”

Maarten Lelijveld
COO, HelloPrint