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Achieving CX Excellence with Engaige: An AI Solution for Complex Customer Inquiries

Tijmen van den Elzen
January 24, 2024

Engaige: The AI-driven customer service effectively solves customer problems

Ziptone wrote an article about our AI-driven customer service software. Here is a link to the original article:

Engaige is an AI-driven software developer for customer service teams that helps businesses effectively solve customer problems. Engaige can increase the efficiency of customer contact by up to 80%. What makes Engaige unique is that it is not limited to simple, repetitive customer contact but specializes in automating complex customer inquiries.

The beginning of Engaige

CEO Tijmen van den Elzen, a former employee of HelloPrint, understands the complexity of customer service interactions in the online printing industry. HelloPrint, which relies on high-quality customer service and uses a business model that involves partners for order fulfillment, was looking for ways to further automate customer contact without success. With developments in generative AI, HelloPrint began developing its own solution, this all led to the birth of Engaige in May 2023. By December 2023, there was a version that could automate more than half of all chat conversations, reducing the need for human assistance.

What makes Engaige unique

Engaige created an "emotionally intelligent AI agent" that, according to Van den Elzen, sometimes performs better than human employees. This AI agent is trained with extensive information from various databases and can independently manage entire customer conversations, from canceling orders to providing product advice. The technology doesn't use fixed decision trees but works with logic based on relevant processes and information from the companies themselves.

The endless possibilities

With over two-thirds of HelloPrint's chat conversations already fully automated, the role of customer service staff is changing, and Van den Elzen envisions that up to 80% of these contacts could eventually be automated. This has implications for traditional large customer service centers, while smaller, specialized players may find new opportunities in the changing landscape.


In conclusion, Engaige has made significant progress in automating customer service, using AI to address complex customer conversations. This promises increased efficiency for organizations as well as a significant change in the job landscape of customer service employees.