Agent Assist

Make your human agents twice as efficient with AI Agent Assist

Discover the future of e-commerce with Engaige Agent Assist, the smartest AI tool designed to empower customer support agents.

Commerce Features

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Scale your best sales agent

Instant personalised suggestions and support to your human agents. With all necessary information at their fingertips, agents are up to twice as efficient with higher levels of accuracy.

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Explainable AI

Make your agents understand the process. Agent Assist transparently shows agents every step taken and the reasoning behind it.

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Seamlessly scale internationally

Speak with your customers in their language without hassle.

Generated conversations about anything related to your brand

Agent Assist uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to analyze customer tickets and automatically generate suggested responses for human agents.

Understands context, sentiment, and key issues
Instantly comes up with a ready-to-send suggested response.
Fully adjusts to your brand’s tone of voice
Instantly recognises language and switches accordingly
An image showing graphs with increase in conversion rates instant responses and engagement

Supercharge your customer experience like no human can

98% of traffic does not convert. Personally engage with every customer and increase your conversion rate.

Increase engagement with your brand by 10X
Increase conversion rate by 20%
Increase AOV by 10%
Instant responses, 24/7

Automate Actions after Human Confirmation

Agent Assist performs actions based on confirmation of human agents in certain scenarios, performing actions to expedite customer issue resolution

Identifies steps to issue resolution and necessary actions
Asks the human agent for approval on the solution
Automatically performs positively rated solutions and drafts a response to inform the customer about performed actions

Surface Relevant Knowledge

Empower your agents with relevant information, exactly at the right moment

Identifies and surfaces relevant knowledge base articles, FAQs, and other important content that can help agents in addressing customer inquiries.
Real-time system updates based on feedback received from agents and ticket data to ensure accuracy and relevance.