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Helloprint case study at the Online Printing Symposium: Reducing 68% of customer service costs

April 5, 2024

Setting the stage

Engaige took part in the Online Printing Symposium in Munich to demonstrate how AI impacts the printing industry and showcase how HelloPrint achieved a remarkable 68% reduction in customer service costs through the implementation of Engaige's AI Customer Service agents. As the CEO and co-founder of Engaige, Tijmen van den Elzen's shared insights on a new industry standard, demonstrating how others could replicate this success.

Addressing Customer Service Challenges in Printing

Customer service is crucial in the printing industry, but it is also very complex and costly. With printing being a knowledge-intensive field, customer inquiries often span a wide range of topics, from product specifications to delivery timelines. Ensuring timely responses with multi-language support is a significant challenge for online printing businesses that often incur very high agent training costs.

The Birth of Engaige: Solving Industry Challenges

Recognizing the advantages of Engaige’s approach to these challenges firsthand, Helloprint embarked as the launching customer of Engaige. By solving omnipresent pain points of the printing industry, they established Engaige as a solution not only for HelloPrint but also for all printing companies. This initiative was driven by a deep understanding of the complexities of customer service coupled with a technological mindset, leveraging deep expertise in scaling customer experience (CX).

Why Should Companies Turn to AI for Customer Support?

Engaige's AI Customer Service are always available, ensuring round-the-clock support for customers and scalability during peak loads. Moreover, Engaige AI agents possess an in-depth knowledge of all products, enabling them to address inquiries with precision and efficiency. As customer inquiries fluctuate, these agents adapt seamlessly, ensuring that no query goes unanswered. Furthermore, they continually improve over time, learning from interactions and refining their responses to provide even better service.

How Agent Assist Doubles Human Agents’ Productivity: Balancing Automation with Human Oversight

The concept of "Agent assist" was introduced as a powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency of human agents by integrating AI seamlessly into their workflow. Engaige Agent Assist is equipped to identify the necessary steps for issue resolution and recommend appropriate actions to human agents. It asks human agents to approve the suggested solutions, ensuring that decisions remain in their hands. Once approved, it automatically executes accepted solutions and drafts responses to update the customer on the actions taken. This seamless integration of AI into the support process not only accelerates issue resolution but also frees up valuable human resources for more complex tasks, effectively doubling the efficiency of Customer Support teams.

Solve & Support: Automation for 80% of Customer Inquiries

In addition to Agent Assist, Engaige offers the Solve & Support feature, aimed to reduce CX costs through autonomous ticket automation, handling customer inquiries from start to finish. Engaige Solve & Support has the capability to fully understand customers' questions and identify the necessary actions for resolution with precision. Once identified, solutions are executed autonomously, eliminating the need for manual intervention and streamlining the support process. When necessary, it can transfer complex issues to human agents. This functionality automates the resolution of most complex Customer Service inquiries, slashing costs by up to 80%.

Conclusion: Embracing a New Era of Printing Customer Service

Engaige's presentation at the Online Printing Symposium marks a milestone in printing customer service evolution. Find out how we can enable you to achieve unparalleled efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction by scheduling a free demo here. You can also find in-depth insights about our solutions for the printing industry here.